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Holsters and Belts





Belts are cut according to the sizing information that you provide. Please measure as described below to measure your exact hip or waist size. Never rely on your pant size.

Please use a cloth tape measure for the most accuracy.

Pants belts

With a pair and style of the pants you wear, run the cloth tape through the belt loops exactly where you wear your belt. Snug it slightly, but not too much and give the nearest whole inch measurement.  This will be the middle hole in the belt that you receive. There will be either 5 or 7 holes in the belt.

Gun Belts

Normally, a gun belt is worn horizontally directly beneath the pant belt, but some people wear it in place of the pant belt and even over a pair of chaps.  Which ever is your choice, be sure to measure with the cloth tape horizontally around that exact location on top of the pants and or chaps etc. that you will be wearing.  Snug it slightly, but not too much and give the nearest whole inch measurement. This will be the middle hole on the belt that you receive.  Gun belts will have 7 holes.

Measurement 1           Measurement 2          Measurement 3

Leather Products Return Policy

Please select your belt measurements as outlined above, and your other purchase options with extreme care, as my custom made leather products are made specifically for you, and there are NO RETURNS or REFUNDS. If you have placed an order and discover that you have made a mistake contact me immediately, and if I have not started making your order, I will be able to make the necessary corrections.


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